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Wednesday BP, 10/30/19

World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Four Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images


We have a World Series Game 7 tonight and anything is possible! Is there anything better?

Last night’s game was ridiculous. The massively botched interference call that Trea Turner is probably still fuming over, Dave Martinez getting ejected, everyone carrying their bats to first base, Steven Strasburg turning into a pitching robot of doom before our very eyes, Justin Verlander failing on the national stage once again. Good stuff.

And now we move on a Game 7 that will feature a Washington team that has been managed throughout the postseason as though every game is Game 7. Will Max Scherzer come back strong? Will Zack Greinke get his first win of this postseason and be a hero for Houston? Will we see Strasburg’s arm literally fall off as they make him pitch on zero rest out of desperation? Will our favorite former Athletic, Sean Doolittle, get to do the final out honors again like he did last night?

Make your predictions now!