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How to help those affected by the Kincade Fire


Good morning, McCoven.

We hope that you are all okay. This weekend was rough on almost everyone in the state, and it isn’t over yet. Fires popped up all over the place yesterday, due to the historic wind event that has been taking place across Northern California. With the worst of it hitting a lot of the same areas that were hit in 2017, this time due to the Kincade Fire.

As of Sunday night, the fire had spread to nearly 55,000 acres with containment reduced to 5% as it bears down upon the communities of Healdsburg and Windsor in Sonoma County. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by evacuations all over Sonoma County, with hundreds of thousands of additional people affected by power outages. Air quality concerns will be a problem soon as well. In addition to another red flag warning beginning on Tuesday that could kick things off again.

There’s a lot to keep track of, but our priority is trying to help those of you who need it in whatever way we, as a community, can. Here is a list of current shelters and evacuation zones, as well as ways to help that was compiled by ABC7. Please keep in mind that evacuation zones and open shelters can and have been changing rapidly, so make sure to look for the most recent information.

Governor Newsom just announced a new resource website for everyone who needs support due to the fires and power outages. You can find that website here. It also includes resources for how to help if you would like to.

Here’s a live update page from The San Francisco Chronicle with breaking news as it happens. And here is a situation map to keep an eye on the path of the fire, road closures, evacuation areas and areas with power outages. Wherever you are located, please make sure you are signed up for your county’s emergency alert program for the latest official safety alerts in your area.

Please heed all evacuation orders, even if you don’t think you are in imminent danger. You wouldn’t be ordered to evacuate if you weren’t. This fire is changing rapidly and with power being out in so many places, rural evacuations will be difficult and rescue for those who didn’t evacuate may not come.

There are resources available to help you if you need to evacuate. I believe AirBNB is offering free lodging to evacuees, and World Central Kitchen is providing food to local shelters. If you want to help, you can volunteer to work with them (or make a donation) here. You can find other resources on the California Office of Emergency Services as well.

Please share any other resources in the comments below, and if you need anything we can help you with, please share that as well.

Please be safe everyone. We’re thinking of you.