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World Series Game 1: Nats @ Astros

Scherzer vs. Cole

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is, the final series of the season. We’ll be sad when Baseball’s gone, but it’s also time for a break, right?

Exciting times ahead for the Nationals . . .

. . . Meanwhile, the Astros are trying to be a rare team not named the Yankees to win two championships in three years. After 2012, the Giants became just the third NL team since WWII to do it. I don’t have the stat on three in six years, but I assume that’s rarer still.


SS — Trea Turner
RF — Adam Eaton
3B — Anthony Rendon
LF — Juan Soto
DH — Howie Kendrick
2B — Asdrubal Cabrera
1B — Ryan Zimmerman
C — Kurt Suzuki
CF — Victor Robles

SP — Max Scherzer

How else is it going for the Astros . . . ?

Sure, sure. Great a roster. What else?

Hmm . . . not that. What else . . . can’t . . . hmm, while I think about it, here’s their lineup for tonight:


CF — George Springer
2B — Jose Altuve
LF — Michael Brantley
3B — Alex Bregman
1B — Yuli Gurriel
SS — Carlos Correa
DH — Yordan Alvarez
C — Martin Maldonado

SP — Gerrit Cole

Ah, I remember. The Astros’ assistant GM is an asshole.

57% of you have picked (so far) the Nationals to win the whole damn thing. The step towards that trophy begins tonight.

Gerrit Cole against the National League this year (6 starts: CHC, CIN, PIT, STL, COL, MIL):

37 IP
54 K
11 BB
1.00 WHIP
6 HR
1.95 ERA

Max Scherzer against the American League this year (3 starts: DET, KC, BAL):

19.1 IP
33 K
2 BB
0.83 WHIP
2 HR