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Monday BP, 10/21/19

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Continuing on in our series of looking back at random games, I pulled up the old random number generator and it gave us (I kid you not) game 69.

/insert “nice” replies here

Anyway, the 69th game of this season found our favorite baseball squadron facing the Milwaukee Brewers at home on June 16th. It was a Jeff Samardzija Father’s Day start. Unfortunately for all of our dads, though, it was not one of his best of the season. He allowed four runs over the course of five innings.

The Giants managed to keep it competitive, scoring three runs before Derek Holland (who I had legitimately forgotten was on the team this year) gave up another in the sixth.

The highlight worth remembering? Samardzija’s RBI, which was his first since 2017.

Lowlights include a home run from Eric Thames and the Brewers getting on base in every single inning.

Upon second thought, this might have been a game that was better forgotten. But I’m not in charge of the random number generator, so this is what you get. Happy Monday!