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Monday BP, 10/14/19

Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

As we all know, the baseball season is a long haul, and after years and years of watching/following 162 games per season, it can become difficult to remember some of the individual games after the season is over. You might remember some key games where things stick with you, like the walk-offs, super long extra inning games, high scoring or high strike out games, etc. But the rest? In and out of your brain before it’s ever allowed to take root in your memory.

And these days, it seems even harder, with so much going on in the world, demanding more and more of your attention.

So here at McCovey Chronicles BP, I thought I’d start a little recurring segment where I use a random number generator to pick a game from this season to re-visit and try to find the most memorable parts, so that maybe just a little bit of that makes its way into your long-term memory.

Today’s lucky number was 131, which means we’re taking a look back at August 26th’s game vs. the Diamondbacks at home.

It was a tough 6-4 loss, helped along by the bullpen and a comeback attempt by the offense that fell just short in the ninth. But the saving grace was Tyler Beede, who pitched well and was let down for his efforts, in true Giants starting pitcher fashion. As Kenny said:

I don’t know if this start proves that he’s figured anything out, but he looked much sharper than he had the last few times out. Things unraveled pretty quickly in the sixth; a two-out error turned into two runs by way of two groundball singles and a wild pitch. Still, even with the nonsense to end his night, this was his best start since he shut down the Mets for eight innings over a month ago. 5 2/3 innings, four strikeouts, no walks, three runs, one of them earned.

I, personally, had no recollection of this game before pulling up the box score, so I found this helpful for my memory and I hope you do too! I’ll be doing at least one of these a week during the off-season.