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Weekend BP, 10/11-10/13

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, McCoven!

I posted this question on Twitter the other night, but I thought I would ask you guys as well. It seems a lot of old grudges are coming out in this year’s playoffs. From the rational to the extremely petty, it seems like everyone has a story about a player that they will hate until their last breath for reasons that sometimes don’t make a lot of sense.

For example, though he’s a star with the Yankees now, I will forever hold a grudge against D.J. LeMahieu from his time with the Rockies, as I blame him for ending Tim Lincecum’s career with the Giants. It was LeMahieu that hit the come-backer to Lincecum’s forearm that took him out of his final start, and he never pitched again for San Francisco.

Do I know that LeMahieu isn’t actually responsible for this? Yes. Is it easier to blame him than to face the cruel and unstoppable march of time? Absolutely.

Anyway, most of the responses I got on Twitter were very rational reasons to be mad at a baseball player. I want to hear your pettiest reasons because it’s Thursday morning and spite is better than coffee at this point in the work week.