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Thursday BP, 1/31/2019

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San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics
You’ll never guess who had the most interesting off-season hobby!
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

First, if you haven’t already done so and plan to attend our July 6th meet-up game, go vote in the poll to decide which section we will be sitting in here. The poll closes tomorrow morning and that’s when I’ll be letting them know which section we’re going with.

Second, some of you sharp-eyed fans of musicals may have noticed that in Sunday night’s “live” television performance of RENT, there was a seemingly familiar face:

I have nothing to add to this, I just thought you all needed to see Brandon Belt’s new off-season hobby. Nothing like jumping on tables and climbing scaffolding to really spice up the rehab after last year’s season-ending knee surgery.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, go read Grant’s farewell to SBNation here. Our ex-fearless leader has abandoned us, again. And he did so with a metric ton of free advertisement for a competing site. It’s like leaving a “Dear John” letter for your spouse, written on the stationery of your new partner. Definitely tacky, but we can’t help it if we still love him.

I never imagined a world where I might possibly have to cover the same games as Grant and have to compete with him for readers. But alas, here we are. His voice will be missed not only on McCovey Chronicles but on SBNation more broadly. His new family should feel very lucky.

Now, let us never speak of him again.