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Wednesday BP, 1/30/19

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If you didn’t hear the news, Grant Brisbee has left SB Nation. He’ll have a farewell announcement up a little bit later, but in the meantime, I thought I’d take this time to say my own farewell to a guy who, well... hmm... I am not good with words. Justin Bopp says it well here:

It’s clear that I owe this phase of my Giants fandom to Grant and certainly this crucial stage of my writing career, the one that clearly demonstrated that I have a long way to go. Grant always knows what to say, but then he says it better than I ever could or would even aspire to; he’s truly been one of the best sportswriters of the 21st century.

He’s not going away, of course, but he can’t stay here. I’m not someone who sits with emotions for very long, so, I’m going to do what I always do and hastily transition into my larger point to get the comments flowing: what are your favorite McCovey Chronicles-era memories of Grant?