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Thursday BP, 1/3/19

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Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants

A couple of weeks ago, I proposed a list of dates that would work best for the most people in terms of a McCoven Meet-Up. As I said at the time, we’ll have one at FanFest and another during the season.

Just to recap, I wanted to pick a game that Bryan (and hopefully other members of the staff who may have to travel) would be able to go to, so that narrowed it down to April, June or July. I also thought it would be best to do it on a Saturday, though I know that doesn’t work for everyone. It will hopefully make it easier for those who are traveling from outside the Bay Area. We ruled out the Yankees and Dodgers games due to cost and probability that the crowd would not be favorable.

So that left us with six options that I put to you all in a poll. So now I’m going to do another with the top three vote-getters and we’ll pick a game before I work out the logistics and announce it out. You’ll have a week to vote and if you think of any McCoven members who don’t check the site daily, maybe let them know to stop by and weigh in.

The top three vote-getters were:

  • April 13th vs. Rockies - Two Flaps Down Hat Giveaway - Time TBD
  • June 15th vs. Brewers - Giants Cap Giveaway - Time TBD
  • July 6th vs. Cardinals - Will Clark Shirt Giveaway - Time TBD


Which game would you be most likely to attend for a McCoven Meet-Up

This poll is closed

  • 23%
    April 13th vs. Rockies
    (14 votes)
  • 27%
    June 15th vs. Brewers
    (16 votes)
  • 49%
    July 6th vs. Cardinals
    (29 votes)
59 votes total Vote Now

To view and vote in the above poll, you’ll need to view this in a browser that supports them. Apple, Facebook and Twitter do not. For those who may ask why, I think this is because they drive traffic through their own platforms so things that aren’t compatible get stripped out, but I’m no expert on the subject.

Anyway, we’re obviously not going to be able to pick a date that works for every single member of the community, but maybe we can do another one later in the season if this goes well. Thanks for participating!