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Tuesday BP, 1/29/19: McCoven Meet-Up Ticket Options

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We are getting ready to move forward with our group tickets for our second McCoven Meet-Up at the July 6th game vs. the Cardinals. At-Bat lists the start time as 7:05 pm as of right now, we’ll let you know if that changes for any reason.

We wanted to get a section with ADA seating in the shade that would not be separated from the rest of the group, so we have two options:

Club Level 231

This section has four ADA seats available. ADA tickets are $58.50 per person, non-ADA seats are $99 per person.

Lower Level 133 or 134

This section has plenty of ADA seating. Tickets are $53.25 per person and it doesn’t say if there is a different price for the ADA tickets.

Our contact with the team thinks the second option would be the best bet for accommodating everyone and keeping the group together (plus, the tickets are cheaper) but you are free to vote for whichever one you’d like. Both options are on the left field side of the park, but the lower level seats face the infield, the club level seats do not.

Below is a poll that might be stripped out in some browsers. So if you want a say in this and you don’t see a poll, make sure to open this in another browser!


Which section would you prefer to sit in for the McCoven Meet-Up game?

This poll is closed

  • 12%
    Club Level 231 - $99
    (5 votes)
  • 87%
    Lower Level 133 or 134 - $53.25
    (36 votes)
41 votes total Vote Now

I’d like to be able to let them know which section we prefer by the end of the work-week so that we can move forward with getting a block of tickets. Because of this, voting will be open until Friday morning. Thank you all for participating in the process!