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“I wasn’t sure what I was doing” - an old interview with Peter Magowan

One more glimpse into an interesting former face of the franchise.

San Francisco Giants Introduce Barry Zito Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nobody would ever mistake Peter Magowan for Willie McCovey and he certainly wasn’t beloved as Big Mac, but his place in Giants lore was already secure before his death yesterday.

It has been a very strange and rough offseason for the Giants on a psychological level. Franchise pillars McCovey and Magowan are now gone and Hank Greenwald, a famous voice, also died. Time waits for no one and an inevitable turnover of the #ForeverGiants roster was bound to happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

As much as McCovey was embraced by the city, Magowan embraced the Giants and through that passion kept it in the city after the franchise’s fortunes had reached their lowest point. If you don’t know much about him and you didn’t read through the Chronicle’s exemplary obituary, consider watching this old interview from a show called “Interesting People”, literally a public access show produced in Peoria, IL.

It’s not Wayne’s World, of course, but few things are. Here, you’ll learn about Magowan’s background and all the shaky, yet confident steps he took towards becoming a part owner of his favorite baseball team.

And here are some remembrances from earlier today as broadcast on KNBR:

Baer viewed Magowan as both a partner and a mentor and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he’s done an admirable job of carrying on the traditions started by Magowan.

Who knew that Dusty Baker discussing his tax problems would be such an engaging subject?

Anyway, rare are these moments when we get to exalt the owner of a sports franchise. Peter Magowan sought to make something better by making it his but without destroying it or defacing it in the eyes of the other people who cared about it.