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Thursday BP, 1/24/19

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We are inching closer and closer to spring training and the Giants don’t seem to have an outfield. So, it’s time to check in on The Hunt for Bryce Harper:

For those who can’t see tweets:

As the market evolves there might be guys you’d kind of doubted the feasibility at one point and you circle back around on. It’s our job to keep tabs on all parts of the market and we’ll continue to do that. I think that’s fair. As the market changes and evolves, something that might not make sense for you at one point may get into the potential deal range.

I see.

I still think that I have better odds of becoming best friends with Buster Posey than the Giants have of landing either Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, but I guess if people want to dream big while the Giants plan small, that’s their prerogative.

I can’t exactly blame anyone for that. I read this tweet:

And I thought it said Austin Jackson and I thought I’d been transported in time to the beginning of 2018 and immediately started weeping and convulsing.

So I guess any improvement would be welcome at this point, and dreaming big isn’t a bad way to pass the offseason.