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Wednesday BP, 1/2/19

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San Francisco Giants v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Happy New Year!

And so the Giants missed out on signing Yusei Kikuchi, just as they missed out on signing Mike Fiers and Troy Tulowitzki. Two out of those three moves would’ve been tremendously helpful to the team — could the Giants have used Troy Tulowitzki? Sure. But his health history and general attitude seem like huge red flags.

With just about 200 unsigned free agents still available on the open market, the odds are still very much in favor of the Giants signing multiple players before Spring Training begins, but it also feels that with each passing day, a reunion with Austin Jackson feels more likely than an addition of multiple useful players. But!

Let’s not dwell on what’s not happening. Let’s not dwell on the Giants getting better, either. All of that will be unknowable for months and years still. Our best bet is to focus on the present. There’s... absolutely nothing going on with the Giants right now. The team Twitter account posted the Top 5 plays of 2018, so there’s that. Here’s their list:

Anything missing?