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Foods I wish they sold at Oracle

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I hope someone out there is listening...

There’s not much more I can ask for when I’m watching a game at AT&T Oracle Park. The ballpark is gorgeous, the stands are full(ish), the food is good.

So good, in fact, that I did a whole video series going behind the scenes with Chef Toussaint Potter creating and tasting all the ballpark cuisines 3rd and King has to offer.

So while things are arguably close to perfect when it comes to the food at AT&T Oracle Park, gosh darnit, this is America, and there can always be more food to gorge ourselves with. Here is a small list (ahem, requests) of items I would really enjoy for future menu considerations.

Maduros (sweet fried plantains)

Is anyone else crazy about plantains? I think they are such an underrated food. Maduros have that sweet caramelization and could make for an amazing side dish offering to the Cha Cha Bowl over at Orlando’s Caribbean Barbecue over in the centerfield food court.

Bi-Rite ice cream

Yes, I like the Ghirardelli stand and the hot fudge. Who freaking doesn’t? I also know there is a frozen yogurt offering in the garden behind center field and Cream also offers ice cream sandwiches and ice cream throughout the ballpark as well.

That being said, Bi-Rite is a true San Francisco ice cream who’s exclusivity and ability to draw in a line full of happy ice cream foodies could match perfectly with the attitude and ambiance at AT&T Oracle Park. Having the signature flavors featured in the ballpark - maybe just in the Field Club food court? - could be a nice touch to bringing local flavors inside of AT&T Oracle.


I’ll probably have people hating on me for asking for a salad bar but hear me out.

I go to a lot of baseball games, as I’m sure others do, including season ticket holders. There are certainly times I want two handfuls of chicken tenders and a mug of ranch. But sometimes all I want is a non-fried complete meal.

A healthy option could be one of those salad places where you can either choose from the plethora of veggies to toss together into a healthy salad. And if you really wanted to kick-it up a notch, yeah, you could throw some sliced up chicken tenders on top. The best of both worlds: pretending you’re eating healthy while actually eating fried chicken.

This could be easily slotted in near the kale garden in center field.


I’m pretty sure this doesn’t already exist at the park but could I please get a quality milkshake? I would prefer if this was potentially an In-N-Out offering and you could get chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or Neapolitan. WHO WOULDN’T LIKE THAT? I could just see that being a delicious treat during day games and it could be a quick and easy offering too if they had the same machines that In-N-Out had. Okay, someone please help me make this happen.

Pot Pies

I am a big fan of meat pies and I am also a fan of things you can eat with a fork because as much as I love hot dogs and hamburgers, I hate getting my fingers all grubby when I’m trying to score keep or watch the game.

I can see a piping hot, steaming meat chicken pot pie being a tremendous offering during Fogust. Anyone else with me here?

Honey mustard on every level

This is not really a new food but more of a final plea. The availability of honey mustard at the stadium is abysmal. They have it sporadically on field level in the lower box area and view reserve. Sometimes they have it, sometimes you can go 5 condiment islands without seeing honey mustard. They have deli mustard, spicy mustard, but where’s my honey mustard option?

Not to mention they don’t even carry it on the club level or in the field club. Those are the two fanciest places in the ballpark? How do you expect me to leisure and luxuriate without honey mustard to dip my chicken tenders in. Please. I need sauce choices. Help me.

Did I miss any obvious food that AT&T Oracle Park should consider adding to the menu?

Let me know down below as I continue my letter writing campaign to the Honey Mustard Board of San Francisco.