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Friday BP, 9/7/18

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Today is the birthday of the Giants’ home run co-leader, Gorkys Hernández! Though he shares the title with Evan Longoria and the gone-but-not-forgotten Andrew McCutchen, Hernández is easily the most unlikely candidate for this role. Considering the fact that he hit zero last season.

For someone who was supposed to be a platoon player at best this year, Hernández has been one of the most entertaining aspects of this season. Unfortunately, that isn’t saying a lot.

But Gorkysmania has been real and it has been fun. Regardless of whether it is sustainable, it sure has been a lot of fun to watch him become one of the Giants’ elite power hitters (low bar). In a season that started with Brandon Belt and Mac Williamson on pace to hit a metric crap ton of home runs, the rest of this season sure has been a let down in that department.

So, we want to wish Gorkys a very happy birthday and thank him for all of the unexpected dingers!

Here’s Brady’s piece from earlier this season, where you can watch all of the first 11 home runs this season again and try to remember a time where there was a little bit more hope in your life.

Happy Birthday Gorkys!