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An ode to Gregor Blanco

World Series - San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers - Game 3 Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

White Shark, I am a fan
of your diving and smiling,
your model of a man;
While most stay compiling,
you commit to being there,
never asking what’s in it for you,
you’re that teammate so rare,
possessing a love for the game so true.

When you’re gone it will be different,
neither good or bad but still less.
Future fans will be ignorant
of the things you did to impress;
“Fourth outfielder” is no insult,
it’s the shine that made you a diamond,
and it’s your right field catapult
that made the Perfect Game sublime and,
forever made you a part of the lore
of this team over which we obsess and adore
and if anything, you should play more,
because who knows what exactly’s in store.

Thank you, White Shark!
You have truly been
that player signed on a lark
who helped his team win
because of the joy he brings to
everything he does;

You made your teammates better,
you were fun to watch.