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Brandon Belt receives Good Guy Award, gives update on knee surgery

MLB: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Belt made a post-surgery appearance on Wednesday as he received the Bill Rigney Good Guy Award. This award is presented to the San Francisco Giant and Oakland Athletic who has been the most cooperative with the press throughout the season. His Oakland counterpart was Stephen Piscotty.

Belt, always humble, noted that he should have received the award long ago in his first season. He also shed some light on his recent knee surgery. He previously had knee surgery in 2015 for meniscus clean up, and though this seemed like it might be similar, it ended up being more complex.

Belt says he had been dealing with knee discomfort for some time before suffering a bone bruise that sidelined him for nearly three weeks at the end of July. Per Henry Schulman, Belt did have meniscus and cartilage clean up, but he also had a procedure done that would create new cartilage to cushion the bones of his knee.

Despite the surgery being more complex than initially expected, however, Belt says that he feels like he will only be a couple of weeks behind in his usual offseason workout routine, thanks to the fact that he was able to end his season slightly early to get the procedure done.