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Sunday BP, 9/2/18

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

So things aren’t great for the Giants this season, this is true. The offense can’t score runs consistently, and that is a bummer. However, there is a ray of light:

This is pretty astounding, considering their record. With a little more offensive firepower, this team really could have been something.

/plays “Rolling In The Deep” at full volume, sobs into pillow

They really could have.

Though Buster Posey is gone, he is not forgotten. Posey continues to be a force for good off the field, continuing his work for pediatric cancer awareness and research. Despite Buster having just had surgery earlier this week, Buster and Kristen Posey made an appearance yesterday for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day.

They continue to be ambassadors for young cancer patients, bringing hope and joy to young patients in the Bay Area:

You can find out more at their website.