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Brandon Belt likely done for the season

Belt heads back to San Francisco to get another MRI on ailing knee, surgery likely imminent.

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Brandon Belt’s 2018 season might be over, with only 10 games left to play. Belt has been dealing with pain in his knee for a couple of weeks now, and it was floated more than a week ago that he would likely need surgery in the off-season.

It seemed odd that they would make him wait and play through it, and I guess the team finally agreed. Per the beat writers, Belt is leaving the team to go back to San Francisco for another MRI. This will be the second MRI done, and Bruce Bochy was quoted as saying that Belt’s season is likely over. This would imply that they believe the necessity for surgery will be imminent.

It’s yet another said end to a promising year, as we’ve become used to with Belt lately. Three out of the last four seasons, Belt’s season has been cut short due to injuries. In 2015, Belt also got knee surgery shortly before the end of the season (again, the Giants were out of playoff contention at the time) and he notoriously suffered an awful concussion to end his 2017 season in September.

Belt had a fantastic start to the 2018 season and seemed to be on pace to break some of his personal records, however the injury gods were not on his side. After going a stretch of time where he was hitting a home run in every game and twice on Sundays, Belt had to miss two weeks for an appendectomy in June, effectively ending his bid to be a starter in the All Star Game. Then, at the end of July, he missed more games after injuring his knee running out an infield single.

He never looked right again after that, and it was honestly perplexing why they would let him languish like that when there was so clearly no need for it. But at least he’s getting the surgery he needs and will hopefully be back in full health to start the 2019 season.

Aramís García will start Wednesday’s game against the Padres.