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What would you like to see the Giants do for Fan Appreciation Day?

It’s right around the corner, so let’s make this a fan’s letter to Giants Claus.

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants

The Giants hope you’ll be in the mood to celebrate your favorite team one last time in 2018 for Fan Appreciation Day, scheduled for that final Sunday afternoon game on September 30th against the Los Angeles Dodgers... of Los Angeles. Whoa. The last game of the season is next Sunday, which is a remarkable thing to type. We’re here. We’ve reached the end. How does it feel?

Last year, the Giants made September Fan Appreciation Month, and you can’t blame them — anyone who stuck around to watch the 2017 Giants needed a reward of some kind. This year, because of the Longoria and McCutchen trades and the team trying to stay under the CBT threshold, we’re back to a single day (yes, I know the CBT has nothing to do with in-stadium special events, I was making a bad joke).

These sort of days are easy PR for professional teams. Fans spend lots of time and money on their favorite team and so the least they can do is by providing more direct rewards once a year. The team has yet to announce anything official in terms of giveaways or prizes, but in past seasons, there have been Mystery Bobblehead giveaways, iPad minis, and even a car! Here are a few suggestions I have for next Sunday’s finale. Add yours in the comments.

Win a Buster Hug

Like, an actual, physical hug from the real life Buster Posey. Would have to be done as a raffle, of course. A person has only so many hugs to give. Also, given that he’s still recovering from hip surgery, there’d be no lifting involved —


There could be a bungee contraption of some kind setup to give you the feeling of being lifted up by a hug from Buster Posey.

One year of free BART rides

Another raffle with maybe 6-10 winners. This would encourage responsible public travel and serve as a teaser promotion for Joey Bart’s arrival.

A Brandon Crawford-inspired t-shirt

Just draft off the social media success of the team’s recent plane flight and have a quirky-looking meme shirt with Brandon Crawford all over it.

Also, thank you to @xSammySeventeen for figuring out all the full shirts in those partial images.

Of course, the Giants don’t have to limit their efforts to buying a bunch of crap to giveaway or even limit the possible participants with raffles, they can do whatever they want. They could host a fireworks show on Saturday night if they wanted or give everyone a chance to run the bases or try to hit a home run. There are many other possibilities.

What would you like to see?