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Tuesday BP, 9/18/18

Yesterday, I saw a couple of tweets from community members that reminded me of something I start to forget around this time of year when the Giants aren’t giving me much to root for. So I’d like to share them here for this morning’s BP.

I imagine that at first, the lack of bad baseball in October will be a relief. But then, as always, I begin longing for the dulcet tones of our broadcasters, the ebb and flow of a Giants baseball game that lulls me into a peaceful feeling on a summer afternoon. And for some of our Giants, as Roger points out, this may be our last opportunity to see them play. And it is joyful, but also incredibly sad. Time stops for no one, so enjoy what you have while you have it.

And in other news, we here at McCovey Chronicles (okay, mostly just Sami) would like to congratulate San Francisco native and lifelong Giants fan Darren Criss on his big win at last night’s Emmy Awards!

Criss is the first Filipino American actor to even be nominated in a leading role, let alone win. And he was exceptional in the role of Andrew Cunanan in FX’s American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, quite literally stealing the show from the titular character. He brought a level of depth and humanity to his portrayal of a brutal real life serial killer that many would shy away from.

Criss handled the role with empathy, grace and compassion for the families of both Cunanan and Versace, who understandably took issue with the show as a whole. The award was well deserved and couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Congrats, Darren!