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“Forever Giants”: Noah Lowry reveals his life-long struggle with confidence

It was never easy for the Giants lefty.

San Francisco Giants v Minnesota Twins Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Noah Lowry’s promising career was done in by a spate of injuries. If you haven’t looked at his Baseball Reference page in a while, click here and marvel at a pleasantly surprising manifest of accomplishments. That 109 ERA+ of his was, I’m guessing, one of the best posted by Giants starting pitchers from 2004-2007. No small accomplishment.

In this latest episode of “Forever Giants”, we learn that Noah Lowry’s #1 struggle in life was not physical injury, it was self-confidence. You’ll hear comments like “I just struggled with my identity through high school” and “I’m a glass house.”

There’s a vein of sadness that runs through the entire interview, but you can also feel his determination to persevere and maintain a positive outlook.

If you haven’t watched any of these “Forever Giant” episodes, you’re missing out. It’s literally a show about Renel Brooks-Moon drinking wine and interviewing former Giants. It’s the perfect format for the premise.

They’ve done all of these in serene Napa Valley settings, but maybe in future seasons, they’ll adjust the format a bit and make it a little more “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” where Renel walks and talks and goes to different spots around the city with these former Giants. Alternatively, you could just tweak the Napa location a bit and stick her and the guest on the wine train. I’m saying up the tipsiness factor by about 15%.

Oh! And there’s an extended, 1-hour, 22-minute cut of her interview with Barry Bonds you can check out, in case you weren’t tired of the legendary Renel Brooks-Moon.