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Giants vs. Rockies, 9/16: This shouldn’t be possible

Dereck Rodriguez will try to pitch the Giants to... a sweep? Wow! But, Antonio Senzatela (RHP) has the Giants’ number.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Can’t imagine what it’s like to be a Rockies player or Rockies fan right now. Years of effort and support down the drain because their team couldn’t simply win a game against the lowly San Francisco Giants, a team that decided to show its orange and black belly for everybody. They’ve already lost a series they couldn’t afford to lose and have lost their standing in first place as a result.

Just a completely embarrassing situation. If the Rockies somehow can’t be the Giants today, then it only makes sense for the team and their fans to put all the jerseys in the town square and light them on fire. There’d simply be no reason for them to exist.

Also, the Giants are 70-79 now, which is still bad but, man, when you squint and look at it, you have to think, “Huh. That’s not awful.” But... the Giants are awful. So confusing.


Dereck Rodriguez (6-3, 3.39 FIP) has a 1.83 ERA over his last 7 starts (44.1 innings) and has simply become the Giants’ best starting pitcher. He went six innings and struckout six while allowing only 1 run in his last start against the Rockies in Colorado and this team will likely be the team he’s most linked to for the rest of his career because they’re who he made his debut against.

Antonio Senzetala (4-6, 4.18 FIP) is 4-0 with a no decision against the Giants in his last 5 starts with a 22:3 strikeouts to walk ratio in 32 innings pitched. Like Rodriguez, he’ll be forever linked to the Giants but for a slightly different reason — they remain they only major league baseball team against which he’s ever pitched well. The Giants always seem to find a few opponents to hand a long career to, and Senzatela just so happens to be the latest.

If he can’t beat the Giants today and get his team a single win in this series, then that should put his (and his team’s) status into question.

The Giants have a chance to sweep a professional baseball team this afternoon, a stunning turn of events that can only call into question the value and talent of that professional baseball team. A third consecutive shutout would just be absurd, and since we live in a society with rules and norms, it’s highly unlikely to happen.