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Giants vs. Braves, 9/12: Win #69?

Derek Holland goes against Aníbal Sánchez (RHP).

MLB: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Last night might not have gone the Giants’ way, but the Braves don’t really have room to talk because for as much as Mike Foltynewicz was dealing and his team’s lineup was clicking, they still couldn’t keep this Giants team off the scoreboard.

That means something!

There are no average Major League hitters on this team at the moment. As pointed out by one of the Grants in NBC Sports Bay Area’s Giants Outsiders program last night, the highest OPS since the All-Star Break belongs to Austin Slater, and it’s under .700. So, take that, playoff-bound Atlanta Braves: you haven’t been able to keep the Giants off the scoreboard for two straight games.

In fact, the Giants haven’t been shutout during this 10-game losing streak. That’s impressive! Maybe it means they have some fight in them or maybe it means that the fringe part of their roster can serve as decent depth next — haha, it’s just coincidence. There’s no real reason for it. The Giants haven’t been shutout in their 10-game losing streak and it’s good enough to just know that.

It’s not great knowing that this game will be available only on Facebook Watch, although we might be in for Mike Krukow schooling his broadcast partners once again. Recall last time when he simply filled the dead air with interesting stuff and really was the primary source of energy in what’s supposed to be fun and hip — you know, for the kids — because it’s on a tech platform.

Can the Giants snap their 10-game losing streak?


Derek Holland (7-8, 3.87 FIP) leads all Giants pitchers in innings pitched (152.2). He’s had a stellar second half (2.45 ERA in 51.1 IP) and on the season, he’s posted a really sharp 70:20 strikeout to walk ratio at home (68.1 IP). He’s gone at least six innings in each of his last three starts, but again, he’s going up against the best lineup in the National League against left-handed pitching (112 wRC+).

Aníbal Sánchez (6-5, 3.62 FIP) — yes, that one you remember from the Marlins way back when — has been a rotation anchor for the Braves this season. The 34-year old has 114 strikeouts in 113.2 innings pitched, and allowed only 34 walks. He’s been just as sharp on the road as he has been at home (3.07 ERA vs. 3.11 ERA), with about a 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio there (about 5:1 at home). He’s always been tough on the Giants. Here we go again.

Good luck, Giants. We’re all counting on you. Either set new history or break the streak.