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Check out the Giants’ 2018 Players Weekend uniform and nicknames

They say clothes make the man, but can these clothes make the man more of a man or make you more of a fan or I don’t know where I’m going with this.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

All you need to know about this year’s Players Weekend (August 24-26) uniform is that the Giants opted not to make the color scheme a perfectly balanced, 50-50... .500 orange and black, which is, truly, a missed opportunity.

Instead, we’ve got this perfectly cromulent hat —

— and this equally cromulent jersey —

— all because the Giants already have a wonderful color scheme that’s hard to mess up.

Nah. Whatever, man. Orange and black is a great color scheme. I even think the A’s have a color scheme you can’t mess up. And why mess with the Giants’ great font?

To me, the Players Weekend uniforms all come down to the nicknames.

See what I mean? There might be another post about better names, because if you survey what the Giants players did, you might find that, overall, the back of the jerseys are lacking.

Part of that is because baseball players might not be the most creative brain geniuses. They are trapped in the nicknaming convention of First Name-First Initial + First 3-4 Letters of Last Name (::ahem:: D-Rod) We already know that Buster Posey’s is... Buster... and here are the rest:

2018 Players Weekend Roster

Brandon Belt BOB
Madison Bumgarner MAD-BUM
Brandon Crawford DJ BC CRAW
Johnny Cueto EL JUCHO
Chase d'Arnaud DCHEETAH
Sam Dyson PSSST
Steven Duggar DUGG
Julian Fernandez BILLETE
Gorkys Hernandez CAZADOR
Derek Holland LAST NAME
Nick Hundley HUNDO
Pierce Johnson P.J.
Derek Law D-LAW
Evan Longoria LONGO
Andrew McCutchen ZOOM
Mark Melancon MEL
Reyes Moronta EL TIBU
Joe Panik J.P.
Buster Posey BUSTER
Dereck Rodriguez D-ROD
Jeff Samardzija SHARK
Pablo Sandoval PANDA
Will Smith SMITTY
Austin Slater MAYOR
Hunter Strickland STRICK
Andrew Suarez ANDY
2018 Players Weekend Roster

Quick thoughts:

You can explore the mystery of Belt’s nickname in our McDeep Dive article on that very subject... for Gorkys, cazador means “hunter”, and you can read all about that name and his name in our McDeep Dive article on that very subject... I am glad to see Bumgarner embrace the Mad-Bum designation... we know Brandon Crawford is the clubhouse DJ, so his fits... Hanson’s means “The Kid” or “The Kiddo”... Cueto’s means “The Juice”... Hunter Pence is a beautiful human... and Derek Holland’s is the best of the bunch:

What do you think?