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Saturday BP, 8/3/18

Mendocino-Complex Fire Scorches 70,000 Acres In Northern California Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This is just a reminder that the state is on fire.

Many of you don’t need that reminder, as you are dealing with it to some degree or another on a daily basis. Firefighters, medical workers, police officers, evacuation shelter workers, evacuees, family members of all of the above and those in surrounding areas who are struggling with the health complications from the smoke are all well aware of this fact.

The city I work in is now the CAL Fire base of operations for the Lake County fires, including a staging area at my work. While we are not in any danger, it is very close to home.

As I write this on Friday night, with ash falling around me and facing many health issues due to the smoke, I think of those out there fighting the fires, those who are away from home in an evacuation shelter, those who are awaiting the order to evacuate and those who may have already lost everything and I get a little perspective.

When the Carr Fire broke out, we posted something with links to how to help. Some of those are location specific, but many are not. Donations to the Red Cross and United Way, for example, will be used to help victims all over the state from all of the various fires. And I will update it with any links to local resources for other fires, as well, if you post them in the comments below.

As of Friday afternoon, these are the fires around the state and neighboring areas.

People are still going to need help. So if you missed the original post, please check it out and see if you can help with the effort.