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BreakingT and Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area have teamed up to make a t-shirt!

It, uh, it features Khris Davis of the, um, Oakland A’s — BUT — 100% of the proceeds goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Earlier this week, our good friends at BreakingT reached out to me and asked that I consider promoting their latest t-shirt made especially for charity. They were very delicate about the request because the shirt didn’t involve any past or present San Francisco Giants, and for that I thank them.

Still, this is a Giants site, so why have I written this post about Khris Davis of the Oakland Athletics? Because it’s for a great cause! The A’s slugger has worked with BreakingT to design a t-shirt that commemorates Davis’ big Make-A-Wish moment from a week and a half ago, where he hit a home run while wearing a jersey signed by a Make-A-Wish Bay Area participant.

Here’s the moment:

And here’s the shirt:

100% of the proceeds from this shirt’s sale from today, August 31, 2018 until October 31, 2018, will go right back to Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area. There’s a healthy mix of A’s and Giants fans in the Greater Bay Area, so, if you have any friends who are A’s fans or you like both teams, consider wearing BreakingT’s latest moment — for charity!

Here’s a full look at the t-shirt:

And a zoom-in where you can the Make-A-Wish participant’s signature as part of the design:

I did ask BreakingT when a Giant might participate in something like this and the good news is that BreakingT and Make-A-Wish are working with several Bay Area athletes, so it very well could happen at some point.

Also, Davis will be a free agent after 2019, so, if you want to help the Giants lay the groundwork for signing him for the 2020 season, wearing his charity t-shirt could help!

In the meantime, this $26 shirt will be a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the next two months, and if you’re looking to contribute to a worthy cause and don’t mind the A’s-yness of it all, consider grabbing this one to wear or gift.