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Andrew McCutchen traded to the Yankees

A Giant is going to the postseason!

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew McCutchen is going to a playoff team. This is good. McCutchen is one of the unequicovally good dudes in all of baseball. He has long deserved a postseason run.

The team he’s going to is the Yankees. This is bad. For McCutchen to get a ring this year, the Yankees will have to win their 28th championship. That’s too many for one team to have.

Although, if the Yankees win the World Series that means the Dodgers won’t. There were more palatable destinations for McCutchen to land, but I suppose things could be worse.

Word is the Giants will receive two prospects in return. At the time of writing, only one of them has been named: Abiatal Avelino. Avelino is a shortstop with a plus arm and some power. Abiatal started the year in AAA, but was demoted to AA after he struggled. He posted a .945 OPS in the Eastern League to make his way back to AAA Scranton.

So long, Andrew McCutchen. We’ll always have this.

Correction Note: When this was first published, it was said that Avelino began the year in AAA and was demoted to AA. Avelino was with AAA Scranton at the time of the deal.