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Steven Duggar and Jeff Samardzija are probably done for the year

News that’s both surprising and not.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The momentum behind the Giants’ latest winning streak came to an abrupt end on Wednesday afternoon when the team announced that Steven Duggar would head to the 10-day disabled list following a dislocated shoulder in last night’s victory.

Duggar dislodged his arm after diving back to the second base bag and on the telecast you could see him grab for his shoulder as his head remained face down on the infield dirt. The team’s best outfielder defender stayed in the game because he felt it pop back in, but the MRI performed on him today showed enough damage to warrant the DL move.

Per the beat writers, surgery hasn’t been ruled out, and with 28 games to go, surgery or no, it appears all but certain that Duggar won’t suit up again this season.

If the team/doctors reach the conclusion that surgery isn’t warranted, they might still prescribe a course of rest and recovery that would wipe out his September.

Along those lines, Jeff Samardzija has been pitching with shoulder pain and reduced velocity, struggling to make his way out of rehab assignment hell. Team doctors prescribed “rest and strengthening”, which is a really fancy way of saying, “Doctor, it hurts when I pitch”, to which the doctor replies, “Well, then don’t pitch.”

It’s an even fancier way of saying Samardzija’s season is over.

Taking Duggar’s roster spot is our beloved Gregor Blanco, a move made possible by Buster Posey being transferred to the 60-day disabled list. This means that the Giants’ 40-man roster is still full, but in order to give a September call up to, say, Chris Shaw, the Giants would have to release a player (Steven Okert or Josh Osich, for example). I’m not sure they could convince MLB that’s Samardzija’s situation warrants a transfer from the 10-day to the 60-day, but you never know.

Unless... unless another player experiences a season-ending injury. But what are the odds of that happening?

Anyway, get well soon, Steven Duggar. We enjoyed watching you play and look forward to seeing you play again in 2019.