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Monday BP, 8/27/18

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MLB: Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

A brief reminder that it’s not too late to get great tickets at better prices for the rest of the season through StubHub.

And now a message about trolling.

One thing to keep in mind over these final 30 games is that the Giants can really upset some teams in playoff contention through sharp play and peak performance. Does this mean I think the Giants should smirk as they hobble the Dodgers’ playoff chances? Maybe.

But we live in a troll world. Social media has brought message board mentality to the masses. What we tweet and what we conspiracy-ize reshapes reality around us. The blurred lines between Online and The Real World have never been so messy, and it’s still likely to get worse before it gets better.

Anyway, we’ve already seen the Giants troll the world by winning the World Series when they had no business doing so, but let’s consider the necessity of rubbing fans noses in their team coming up short against the Giants down the stretch. Losing to the Giants should be bad enough. Does it make sense to rub the noses of that team’s fans in it? Eh.

A rambling post with a sloppy message, all to say Happy Monday.