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McCoven Feedback: McChroncast

What say you about the McCovey Chroncast podcast?

National Park Foundation Celebrates 102nd Birthday Of The National Park Service Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Grey Group

You may or may not know that the McCovey Chroncast, this site’s official podcast, has been on an indefinite hiatus since June 8, shortly after the draft. We’re looking to bring it back in time for the start of the offseason, but we’d like to get your thoughts on what you’d like to hear more of as we retool.

Some format switches that are under consideration: a new, full-time host (Bryan’s voice is dreadful), more 1-on-1 interview-based, shorter episodes (30-40 minutes apiece) which could also mean a more frequent broadcast schedule (maybe twice a week instead of once a week), though not necessarily.

SB Nation has encouraged all the team sites to develop their own shows, and while we think we’ve put out one that’s captured some of this site’s community spirit, we’re always looking to make things better.