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Watch SNL’s Kyle Mooney try to interview the 2011 Giants

This might be as close as we’ll get to celebrating the 2010 team.

The IMDb Studio At The 2017 Sundance Film Festival Featuring The Filmmaker Discovery Lounge, Presented By Amazon Video Direct: Day Four - 2017 Park City Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Back in 2011, comedian Kyle Mooney was building his brand of awkward comedy via YouTube. He became known for painful “man on the street”-type interviews. His success with his video series eventually got him onto Saturday Night Live.

For one of these interview videos, he went behind the scenes at AT&T Park and tried to interview fans, field staff, and players. I say try because that’s the bit — he’s playing an audio/video enthusiast doing his best yet failing (hilariously in some cases, painfully in others). We here at McCovey Chronicles can easily empathize.

Many of you have likely seen this before or maybe you’re like me and had seen it but forgot you had, in which case, this will be like opening a time capsule. I think we’re all, generally, more comfortable with his particular style of comedy now and it’s interesting to watch this particular video to see how everyone involved with the Giants (fans, staff, and players alike) treat his character.

I came across this while searching YouTube for the most viewed video about the San Francisco Giants and decided I did not want to do a post about Ashkon. Enjoy!

Kyle Mooney also wrote and starred in the movie Brigsby Bear, about a young man who lives in a fallout bunker with his strict parents and becomes obsessed with a TV show about a talking bear who goes on magical space adventures. The young man discovers that he was kidnapped as a baby and that Brigsby Bear was a show made just for him. Mark Hamill co-stars. I recommend it.