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Behind the scenes: AT&T Park food tour: Tony’s Slice House (PIZZA!)

Episode 3 of the mini-series behind the food at AT&T Park. Today’s menu: PIZZA!

Hi folks! I hope you’ve been enjoying the behind the scenes food tour at AT&T Park (click for episode one or episode two). There are a few more episodes coming but this one is probably my favorite because I got to make a whole pizza and then EAT THAT PIZZA. I mean, it was a pretty great day.

Tony’s Slice House is a staple at the ballpark and now seeing the work that goes behind each pizza, I have a newfound appreciation. The dough is made three days in advance for the best possible crust! If that’s not hardcore, I don’t know what is.

Shoutout to Chef T for pretending I was remotely good at making pizza. He’s a good man.

Buster Posey may need hip surgery, the team may be almost double digits games back in the standings, but when all else fails, we have melted cheese on bread.

Hope you guys enjoy this video!