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Friday BP, 8/17/18

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Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Earlier this week, there were a couple of articles going around about why people need to stop blaming A’s fans for the low attendance at their games lately, and I couldn’t agree more. The A’s are an exciting team this year with a real shot at making noise in the playoffs. They currently sit in the second AL Wild Card spot and are within a stone’s throw of Houston for the West.

I personally like the A’s and their fans in general. I do not care for the aspects of their franchise that are beyond the control of the players and the fans. I would like for my A’s fan friends to be able to feel comfortable buying a player’s jersey and know he’ll be there long enough for them to wear it to a game.

I would like the A’s to get a new ballpark, because I do go to A’s games (to root for the A’s) and I do not enjoy going to the Coliseum. For all the other reasons and also the random weird fact that every time I try to buy concessions at their park the credit card system is mysteriously down and I end up not being able to eat or drink anything. (It’s happened three separate times, I don’t get it.)

I want nice things for the A’s and their fans, because unlike what the A’s marketing team is trying to convince their fanbase to believe, the success of the other Bay Area baseball team doesn’t make me feel inferior. I’m all about that #BayAreaUnite spirit, unless the two are playing each other.

Anyway, don’t show this to your A’s fan friends. They won’t read it, they’ll see it’s a Giants blog having the audacity to talk smack about the A’s and respond angrily without reading it to see that I’m not actually talking smack about the A’s and I don’t have time for A’s fans in my inbox.

But feel free to share either of these with them:

From Tim Kawakami: The A’s deserve huge crowds, but it’s up to ownership to connect with and commit to the fan base

And from Barry Petchesky: Where Are All The A’s Fans