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Behind the scenes: AT&T Park food tour: Orlando’s Cha Cha Bowls

Episode two of the mini-series where we check out the behind the scenes of your favorite ballpark foods

Hi Friends! Here’s a short video on the Orlando Cha Cha Bowls out in centerfield at the ballpark. This is episode two and we have a lot more to come (i.e. I need to edit over two and a half hours of footage).

Also, apologies for the sound quality - the ballpark is a loud place and the shotgun mic I have is great but picks up a lot of ambient noise. Anyway, y’all don’t care but I wanted to bring it up any way.

Honestly, how lucky are we that we don’t have to eat limp Dodger Dogs and get to have stuff like Cha Cha Bowls available?

Hope you guys are enjoying the series so far. Should we do pizza or tri-tip sandwiches next?

Thanks for watching!