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Watch Jeremy Affeldt give a virtual tour of the Giants clubhouse

Don’t worry — he doesn’t injure himself, virtually or otherwise.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

At the top of the video, Jeremy Affeldt explains why the Giants’ clubhouse is worth a virtual tour:

“The old clubhouse was very narrow and it was cold. It wasn’t inviting. And it didn’t feel like we were connected. After the first championship we started thinking... ‘What does a championship clubhouse feel like?’”

Oh baby, did they really give the new one a championship feel. Affeldt’s voice-guided tour shows you the main clubhouse, the uniform room, laundry room, chef’s kitchen and cafeteria, video room, coaches conferences room (aka war room), coaches locker room, gym, training room, sleep room (it’s just a room with a Red Sox-Yankees game on a loop), hydrotherapy room, bat room lounge (this is where the crime solving gets done), and Bruce Bochy’s office.

I got stuck on the cafeteria because this image

suggested to me that the Giants have lunchroom cliques and I couldn’t help but wonder how this all groups out. Obviously, Bumgarner sits alone at his own table, but do the outfielders sit together? The infielders? Is it gauche to actually eat there and most players actually eat in their recliner in the clubhouse? Who knows? But this tour made me curious!

There are eight video resolutions to choose from and they all end in s. This is a new designation to categorize these 360-degree virtual reality videos. There’s a white navigation circle in the upper left hand corner that you can use to spin around as the tour camera moves through each room and it really helps give you an idea of what’s up — see the magazines on the clubhouse tables, look at all the remotes in Bochy’s office!

It doesn’t beat the real thing, but it’s a fantastic glimpse inside this seldom seen space. Go take the tour!