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Wednesday BP, 8/15/18

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Baseball fights are so dumb. Just, ridiculously dumb. It’s this big hyped of moment of benches clearing and dudes rushing the field. With relievers coming in from the bullpen about thirty seconds after the fight is over.

For what? Most of the time they either stand around trying to look tough at each other and end up looking more like extras from West Side Story or they end up in a glorified slap fight.

Sometimes a player tries to be tough and ends up throwing their helmet in a ridiculous fashion while (justifiably) rushing the mound.

Other times a player thinks slapping/punching at a player who is wearing a helmet is a great idea.

Sometimes coaches think it’s a good idea to tackle an opposing player to the ground.

The dumbest are those that are unnecessarily reckless and result in players getting hurt (or having their career ended). And the cream of the crop are one-way fights with a door.

But all of them, every last single one of them, are dumb.

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