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Behind the scenes: AT&T Park food tour : Chef Toussaint Potter and Crazy Crab sandwiches

When the baseball is bad, the food is still good

Hello Friends!

I wanted to introduce a new video mini-series I’ve been working on on a subject near and dear to my heart: food. And eating. And fried stuff. #brand

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of following around Chef Toussaint Potter, the executive chef at AT&T Park. He is basically the mastermind behind those garlic fries you love and all the food that you’re willing to pay for even though you know it’s a little crazy to fork over a Jackson for a plate of chicken tenders and fries.

I know it’s a departure from my useful GIFs and silliness but I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the stuff behind the scenes and I’ve got lots of good episodes coming so hope you enjoy!

PS. I promise I will still have weird GIFs and stuff. Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten a lobotomy or anything.