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Watch this 2002 Giants-Phillies game (Warning: Barry Bonds had the night off)

Randy Wolf used to be The Guy against the Giants.

Randy Wolf #54

For many years, the Giants and Phillies had a bit of a rivalry. There was a series back in 2002 that really exemplified this, and here’s one of those games.

Russ Ortiz pitched a complete game, but Randy Wolf got the win. Barry Bonds had the night off, but he’d hit career home run #596 the night before this one (highlight herein).

This is the Phillies’ broadcast, so it features the late, great Harry Kalas. It’s not an extraordinary game, but it was in the thick of the matchup’s hostilities. Randy Wolf had ownage over the Giants and that’s important. Russ Ortiz went to the bullpen very briefly in 2000 to work out his mechanics and after returning (he missed all of one start due to a Joe Nathan injury) he was one of the Giants’ best pitchers for two and a half seasons.

Also, there’s no game on tonight, so watch this one instead and be frustrated by an entirely different era of Giants baseball.