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FanPost Spotlight Vol. II

McCovey Chronicles commenters like to travel.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In the first volume, we spotlighted FanPosts about what the Giants needed to do at the trade deadline, how to listen to some old timey radio broadcasts, and minor league pitching updates. This time around, it’s a lot more chill.

IanRogue chronicled their journey across the northeast to see all 30 MLB stadiums.

When we finally got to the entrance to the parking garage, there was the strictest security we’ve ever seen for a ballgame. They had police dogs walk around the car, and they even had us roll down the windows and open the trunk. I don’t know if this was normal procedure for them, or if there was tighter security for one reason or another. Once we got into the garage, we were directed towards a particular section and a particular space, and when we got there, it even had our names on it, so that was a nice touch.

Find out what stadium had the “strictest security we’ve ever seen for a ballgame” and what they saw at the Baseball Hall of Fame in this excellent long read.

If you like this one, IanRogue also has this post from a couple of months back with 4 other stadium reviews.

tgranger16 wonders what an all homegrown major league roster would look like for the Giants:

So basically, you get two starters (Duffy and Wheeler), one fringe starter (Duvall, a former All Star and 30 HR hitter) and three above average bullpen arms (Crick, Hembree and Romo). In addition, only three of the 19 acquired players have a negative fWAR, and only three are older than 30 so you have plenty of room for improvement.

Read through for tgranger16’s conclusion, where we learn just how much better an all homegrown team would actually be.

You’re all encouraged to create FanPosts — if you get a good idea in the midst of some conversation below in the comments, expanding upon it as a FanPost usually works out. You get more time to think it through and present your argument and you give everyone a chance to engage specifically with that idea and not be distracted by lunch discussion.

Also, if you’re new to the site, current events of a non-sports variety are usually discussed in specific FanPosts under the title “Champagne Room”.