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Birthday GIF(t)s for Madison Bumgarner

Happy 29th Birthday, Country Strong!

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Happy 29th Birthday to the snot rocket legend that is Madison Bumgarner. Can you believe that Bumgarner made his debut in 2009 when he was only 19 years old and we’ve enjoyed him for ten years now? And he’s only 29. That’s a gift, guys.

SPEAKING OF GIF(t)s - wow, I know, what a smooth segue - I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorites throughout MadBum’s time with the Giants to celebrate the big man’s birthday:

Bumgarner doesn’t usually do weird things out of the blue. I kinda leave that stuff up to Hunter Pence or Pablo Sandoval. But here’s some subtle-weirdness peeking out from behind his normal Bumgarner-ness:

When you think of the Giants commercials and who would be awarded Oscars, Bumgarner probably doesn’t come to mind. However, there have been some great GIF-able moments that will stand the test of time:

Oh yeah, he’s a pretty good pitcher too.

He’s such a good pitcher that he basically won the 2014 World Series single-handedly and we were blessed with this epic celebration:

Oh, he’s also a pretty good hitter. Madison Bumgarner home runs give me life.

I just felt like including this one because I know it was probably just a hot day but I like to pretend that Bumgarner was channeling Beyonce:

Speaking of fans, him acknowledging the fans is pretty great as well

There’s also something about Bumgarner displaying excitement that is like, eight times more exciting than normal excitement because it’s Madison Bumgarner. Does that make sense?

Sometimes his emotions can get the best of him. MadBum has been known to yell a little bit when he doesn’t like something ... or someone.

By far one of my favorite GIF is when all his teammates rushed the field during the Hunter Strickland/Bryce Harper fight and he had to shuffle back into the clubhouse because he was on the disabled list and could not partake:

But he’s not just a fighter - he’s a lover too. Between his relationship with the skipper:

And his relationship with his battery mate:

He’s just a lovable country bumpkin. Happy Birthday, Madison!