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MLB All-Star Giveaway: Vote for Belt and enter to win a special prize!

Voting is its own reward, but why not sweeten the pot?

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Our favorite first baseman is in the running for the All Star Game Final Vote once again, and we want to do our part to help send him to Washington D.C. next week. So we’re giving away 20 awesome pins that one of the talented members of the McCovey Chronicles staff designed.

Here’s mine, so you can see what they look like:

via Sami Higgins

One of these could be yours, if you’re ready to help the cause!

To enter to win you must have voted for Brandon Belt, preferably multiple times but one will get you in the drawing. Consider also voting for Jean Segura, since the Giants have teamed up with the Mariners to get them both into the game.

To vote, go to

Note: Only voting via the official link above counts. Tweets and retweets do not.

Next, take a screenshot of your ballot. The screenshot should look something like this:

Then either post the picture in the comments below or reply to the tweet of this article on the McCovey Chronicles site account (@McCoveyChron) on Twitter.

Depending on how you enter, we will contact the winners either via the email address you use for your SBNation account or through a direct message on Twitter.

Voting ends at 1:00 pm this Wednesday, July 11th. So all entries must be submitted by this time, and only one per person will be entered to win.

Winners will be drawn after the voting closes and we will notify them as quickly as possible.

Sure, you were going to vote anyway, but wouldn’t you like to add this limited edition pin to your collection? We thought so.