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Giants and Mariners team up to get Belt and Segura in the 2018 All Star Game

Vote Belt! Vote Segura! Vote often!

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The week where everyone comes together to get one last voting push for Brandon Belt to make the All Star team. We were successful in this endeavor in 2016, but it took a lot of work. And a lot of help. Some of that help came from the Boston Red Sox as they paired up to get both Belt and Dustin Pedroia in that year’s game.

And in continuing the great tradition of National League and American League teams coming together for the cause, the Giants are partnering with the Seattle Mariners this year to get both Brandon Belt and Jean Segura into the 2018 All Star Game.

So remember, the way this works is that we have to vote for both and their fans will as well. And friends, Mariners fans are pretty hyped this year. They currently have a six and a half game lead on the second wildcard spot, so this is a good pairing.

Get to voting!