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Brandon Belt is a finalist for the 2018 MLB All-Star Game Final Vote

It’s your last chance to get the Giants’ best hitter into the All-Star Game!

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Posey won’t start this year’s All-Star Game. Brandon Crawford will. We won’t know if if deserving players like Gorkys Hernández or Tony Watson might be joining them in Washington, D.C. until other players drop out due to injury, but we do know that the Brandon Belt is up for a spot — the final spot.

The last time Brandon Belt was up for the Final Spot vote (2016), our beloved Grant Brisbee wrote of our beloved Belt:

No, sorry. The worst part about the 2016 All-Star rosters is that there aren’t enough of my favorite players, and everything is about me in this world. I wake up, and there’s me. When I go to sleep, there I am. When I take a moment to myself, I come along. I’m the most important thing to me, and it’s not even close. So of course the All-Star Game should be filled with Brandons. It’s what I want, and we’ve already established my importance.

But there’s another way. Belt is one of the players up for a selection using the 2016 MLB All-Star Game Final Vote, which is a marketing ploy conceived by Major League Baseball to let dumb fans and dumber bloggers act as unpaid promotional tools under the guise of team spirit. And, boy, am I in! Team spirit is the best, and I enjoy watching Belt playing baseball, so what can I do?

The manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers has a say in selecting his reserves, but not all of them. Not this final spot. If you can’t think of a reason to vote for Brandon Belt for some reason, then at least do it out of spite. Saddle Dave Roberts with yet another Giant.

And if you enjoy watching Giants in the All-Star Game, then you’ll want to vote for Belt anyway, right? You can do so RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: