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Return of the Crazy Crab!

On Crazy Crab scarf giveaway day, the anti-mascot returns to wreak havoc on unsuspecting Giants fans

San Francisco Giants via YouTube

Today was Crazy Crab scarf giveaway day and the hapless mascot from the Candlestick era made his AT&T Park debut.

Amy Gutierrez was on hand to re-introduce fans to the mascot, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse, as he began terrorizing young Giants fans on the arcade level:

Anyway, once they safely got the Crazy Crab back in his containment device, where he will wait another 34 years before being unleashed again, it was finally safe for fans to open their giveaways. And we had a couple of McCoven on hand to tell you a little more about it.

First up, here’s Carmen, stylishly modeling the scarf:

Carmen’s review:

It’s softer than it looks but the little hand pockets are small.

And here’s Natt0, showing off the destructive powers of the claws:

Natt0’s review:

Just enough crazy, needs more crab. 8/10.

My review:

The scarf kind of looks like a lanyard. Also, who thought a day game in July was the best time for a scarf giveaway? I know it gets cold at night year round in San Francisco, but this seems like a bit of an oversight. The claws are funny, and can double as pockets. So that’s a plus. I’ll go ahead and give it 8/10 as well.