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Andrew McCutchen and Brandon Crawford will be on MLB Network tomorrow

Technically, they’re on MLB Network nearly every day. But this time it’s different!

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Network’s “Play Ball” show is meant to expose kids to their favorite major league stars through informal conversations about how they got into baseball and eventually reached the big leagues and their advice on how to get better playing baseball.

Two of the best current Giants, Brandon Crawford and Andrew McCutchen, get the spotlight in tomorrow’s episode, which airs at 7am and 10am Pacific on MLB Network.

From MLB Network’s description:

This episode is hosted by Eric Byrnes and features a stealing demo with McCutchen and a discussion with Crawford, which includes his favorite player while growing up, attending UCLA and becoming a two-time World Series champion with his hometown team.

Yeah, Byrnes is in there, but he doesn’t get in the way of the players he’s talking to and manages to set them up nicely to give great responses.

If you don’t get MLB Network, you can still check out these two clips below, where in my favorite bit, McCutchen talks about what’s he thinking when he reaches first base ...

... and Crawford reveals his favorite Giant from childhood.

MLB keeps working to find ways to promote the game in big ways and small, and going one-on-one with current players has always been an effective measure. How often do we get to see Crawford and McCutchen talk extemporaneously within a Baseball setting without the pressure to nail a post-game sound bite for reporters?

You’ll want to know how Andrew McCutchen sees the field, and you’ll want to see Brandon Crawford’s monotone voice in action for yourself.