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Giants reaction GIFs to get you through the season

Ctrl S these GIFs to use throughout the season

San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I enjoy GIFs. Quite frankly, what’s not to like? They are little move-y pictures that don’t require you to update Quicktime every month.

They capture great and quirky moments in baseball which is great but moreover, I like using them to react to other great and quirky moments in baseball. It’s the circle of life. The GIFt that keeps on giving, if you will.

I have personally saved hundreds of GIFs in a separate folder on my phone to use on Twitter while I’m watching the game and I wanted to provide a starter pack for those of you looking to get into the GIF game. Please use these responsibly.

When you’ve given up and you don’t care anymore

Picture this - you cared a lot and you were invested in every pitch Jeff Samardzija hurled until you just... weren’t. Maybe you got distracted because someone brought you cheese sticks. Or maybe you became dead inside over the course of a few innings. Either way, this Bruce Bochy GIF is a great one for any time you’ve just decided to throw in the towel.


Bruce Bochy left a guy in too long? Brandon Belt didn’t bunt against the shift? Alen Hanson plowed through a stop sign? Hey! I’ve got the GIF for you

The Brandons did something

Pretty straight forward

Or if you want, you can use this one:


This one is overused but I don’t even care. This one is a classic and a must-have in your collection. This GIF can be used to indicate embarrassment, an oops-y daisy moment, a bad trade - the sky’s the limit! God bless Tim Lincecum for his inability to hide his feelings.

The happiest you could ever imagine yourself being

In general, I believe you could take any Mike Morse GIF and insert it below because I think he was farmed in a test tube and only designed to be crazy happy and never age but joy in baseball is exemplified best by this big ol’ lug:

When someone/something shows up out of no where

I.e. the Giants offense or Evan Longoria who you definitely did not forget about. Nope. You definitely remember he’s still on the team.

Sliding into someone’s DM’s like..

Just in case you need it. I don’t know your life.

When someone tries to tell you Buster Posey is overrated

This comes in more handy than you would think. I got into a IRL arguement with a guy who tried to tell me Yasmani Grandal was way better. Imagine thinking Yasmani Grandal is better than Buster Posey.


When you say something and immediately wanna take it back

It’s the internet, man. Sometimes it happens. You say something silly like “Gary Brown will stand the test of time” and then you’re in 2018 like, yeah, just kidding, my bad.


Hopefully there won’t be much use for this one after the season of revolving-door injuries the Giants have had this season BUT if you want a funny GIF to lighten the crushing feeling that yet another person fractured their finger, here you go:

Two words.

Belt. Bash.

One size fits all

I’m pretty sure this can be used on Twitter in response to literally anything anyone says. Madison Bumgarner’s subtle look of disbelief can be used in any scenario where someone says something stupid to you about baseball (aka always)

Reliving 2017

Anytime the Giants give you a #throwbackthursday to 2016/2017, you can feel free to unleash this GIF to appropriately translate your feelings

And finally...

Ending on a happier note, this reaction GIF can be used for any particularly satisfying victory (maybe one against Kershaw and the Dodgers?)