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Wednesday BP, 7/3/18

Tigers v Rockies Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Happy Independence Day!

Hopefully you have fun and safe plans. Please keep in mind that California is prone to terrible wildfires and we have very dry and hot conditions right now that lend themselves to new fires and worsening of existing fires. If you’re going to use fireworks, please do so responsibly and safely, following these handy guidelines. Always have a bucket of water and a hose on standby and try to light them as far away from dry vegetation as possible.

I’m quite fond of all of you and don’t want to see anyone hurt. I’ve been there, it sucks. It wasn’t even our fault, it was a city display, and I ended up in the hospital next to the girl mentioned in that article. But my point is, do what you can to avoid any accidents that you can easily prevent. And please, for the love of Mays, hand the fireworks duties to the most sober member of your party.

Speaking of fireworks, the Giants....lost yet again last night but they had fireworks! And they’ll have them again tonight. Even if it is at the dreaded Coors Field.

What is one of your favorite stories of seeing a baseball game on either a holiday or a fireworks night?

Mine wasn’t on a holiday, just a fireworks night. The Giants were playing the Padres and my friend’s boyfriend had driven us to the game and we were sitting in the bleachers, something I am even less fond of now than I was then and I didn’t enjoy it then either. The Giants were losing and it wasn’t a particularly interesting game.

Then my friend’s boyfriend got a call from our work that there was a fire alarm going off and because he was on call, we had to leave the game. We were stuck in traffic trying to get back to Marin while we listened on the radio as the Giants tied the game and ultimately walked it off and we had to watch the fireworks from the rear window of the car.

Sure, that’s not a particularly fun story, but it was memorable in the sense that it taught me to never give up on a game. Obviously, we didn’t have a choice in that instance, but since then I have sat through some incredibly bad blowouts because I just knew that if I left, they would have an epic comeback and I would miss it. Some would say I kept that from happening just by my very presence continuing to be at the game, after past experiences. To them, I would say: Fair enough.

Anyway, have a peaceful, safe and fun day, everyone!