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Saturday BP, 7/28/18

Some perspective.

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

As frustrating as the Giants are to watch lately, I’m here with a little perspective for you.

It’s called the second half of 2016. And two years ago tomorrow, it featured this rock bottom moment in a never-ending series of rock bottom moments:

It started off innocently enough. The bases were loaded for Brandon Crawford, always a good thing, with no outs and the Giants down by three in the eighth. Hopes were high that the worst they could do was strike out three times to end the inning.

Then Crawford grounds one to the first baseman, who beat Buster Posey back to the bag to make the unassisted double-play. Eh, it happens.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Denard Span forgot that the ball never touched the ground, and broke for home - seemingly with two outs. A quick throw to third ended the inning in the most frustrating manner possible.

NOT ONLY THAT, but it was the first EVER recorded 3-3-5 in Major League Baseball history.

Between this and the walk-off balk, the second half of the 2016 season sure is helpful in keeping some perspective about how bad your team is. Sure, this team can’t hit. But they haven’t hit rock bottom, yet. Whereas the 2016 team seemed to find new and horrifying ways to lose every night, even into the post-season.