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Evan Longoria returns from the disabled list; Brandon Belt heads to it

The roster moves can’t stop won’t stop.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The news on Brandon Belt’s hyper-extended knee just took a turn. Yesterday, it was “2-3 days”, today it’s a trip to the 10-day disabled list. And after yesterday’s game, Ty Blach was sent back to Triple-A, only to be recalled this afternoon, presumably in response to the Belt move.

They’re also getting back Evan Longoria and Chris Stratton. To make room for the extra body, Kelby Tomlinson, who did nothing other than play really well, was sent back to Triple-A after yesterday’s game, too. He can’t be recalled for 10 days now, barring an injury, but it’ll still be a good idea for Alen Hanson, Chase d’Arnaud, and Pablo Sandoval to not get hurt over the next couple of weeks, as Joe Panik is only just beginning his rehab assignment tonight in Triple-A and the Giants don’t need any more injuries.

Cynically, Ty Blach is a good enough insurance policy to have for Chris Stratton, but that’s only if the intention is to use Stratton as a starter at any point. He had 10 strikeouts in 6 innings last week, which led to this great tweet

... but overall, in two Triple-A starts, he’s allowed 15 hits and 5 walks in 11 innings (2 starts). According to Pavlovic, the plan appears for him to be a long man... giving the Giants 2 long men in Stratton and Blach.

Idle speculation: Stratton was recalled because a deal could be afoot and the Giants just need the extra arm available in a pinch. Can’t think of why he would be recalled at this very moment otherwise.

Longoria will help immediately, as the Giants have to face a left-handed starter in Wade Miley tonight and he’s practically their only good hitter against lefties. Certainly, it’s been his best platoon split as a Giant.

Meanwhile. Belt’s poor injury luck keeps finding a way to derail promising seasons. When he’s not a ball magnet, his appendix goes toxic. When his appendix is removed and he’s not a ball magnet, his knee hyperextends. Bad Fans will say it’s because there’s something wrong with his moral constitution. Smrt Fans like us know he gets injured on purpose at key times to avoid being traded.

Even with Belt in the lineup, the Giants’ offense has been incredibly awful and is the reason why they won’t be hanging around in the playoff race. Adding more pitching, even if it’s as questionably effective as Stratton has been, is the better move, because if you can’t win a 3-2 game, you might as well try to win a 2-1 game.

Finally, the Giants released Ryan Hanigan. Farewell, Ryan Hanigan.